Albert Camus: The Fall – Review

I feel almost unfair giving this 3 stars. The beginning I loved. The middle I loved. But the ending frustrated me so much. I could see glimmers of genius but I just couldn’t fully get to grips with what the book was trying to say.

Maybe this is what Camus was aiming for? The absurdity of judgement? I don’t know but I think I took this book to be a short quick novel that I could breeze through, instead it’s more like a full blown piece of philosophy (in the form of literature); it requires a hell of a lot more attention than I was willing to give it.

Camus seems to be a writer you need to read when in a particular mindset. The Outsider had an extremely powerful impact on me when I read it but I felt I just didn’t quite get The Fall. I’m definitely going to need to read this again soon, and once I do I have a feeling this rating may dramatically increase.


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