Jean “Moebius” Giraud: Arzach – Review

Bought this book in the French original so I couldn’t understand the first story but since this rest of this book had no text whatsoever it hardly made much difference. The art is just incredible. Arzach’s psy-fi-chedelic journey through Moebius’ world is full of naked zombie creatures, giant phallic apes, alien warscapes and deceivingly beautiful monsters. I can definitely understand why Moebius’ art is considered revolutionary in the comic book genre; he mereges bright pop art-like colour schemes with the world of a visionary sci-fi epic. It’s no suprirse that he helped Jodorowski out with the storyboards for his hugely ambitious rendition of DUNE (that was of course never made). In fact these drawings have apparently influenced everyone from Alan Moore to Ridley Scott. Although very short, this book definitely deserves 4 stars for the ambition of Moebius’ project which, although I won’t be purchasing any time soon due to the hefty price tag, I’m intrigued to read more of.


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