Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go – Review

A very good book. No purple language or complex philosophical ideas but a real air of nostalgic melancholy that makes it very difficult not to get swept away by the story. I agree with some other reviewers stating that the less you know about this book before reading it the better. The concept is definitely an interesting one, and it’s explored in a very unique way. I feel like this is a book that almost anyone will be able to connect with, yet there’s somehow a real sense of Englishness about it. Maybe being on the other side of the world there were just aspects of it that really reminded me of home… Debated for a while about giving it 3 stars but I think this book achieved exactly what it set it out to so 3 would probably be slightly unfair. It didn’t quite emotionally resonate with me the way it has with some others but overall it was definitely a good read. 7/10.


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