David Nutt: Drugs Without the Hot Air – Review

Interesting and extremely important book. This should be the textbook for drug education. Nutt clearly cuts through the propaganda and gets to the facts about the real dangers and benefits of various different drugs from an unbiased scientific perspective (oh and that includes alcohol, tobacco and nicotine too!) When read from cover to cover it probably isn’t a particularly enjoyable read–especially for someone who’s familiar with a lot of the info in here–but when read section by section (each section covers a different drug or class of drugs) it’s easy to follow and provides nice concise arguments backed up by solid scientific evidence. Nutt is an expert at the cutting edge of his field so for anybody that has a some sort of opinion on drugs and prohibition laws I would say that this is pretty much necessary reading. I’m going to give it 5* not because of how much of a good read it was but because it’s probably the most accessible and well thought out book on this topic that I’ve come across.


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