Dan Abnett: Horus Rising – Review

A pretty good piece of pulp SF, although it was definitely a bit too long with too little focusing on the history of the 40k-verse. The only reason I really read this was really for some childhood nostalgia. I was expecting a quick read with a bunch of fun 40k facts that would have been fascinating to my 11 year old self, but instead it seems that this book was more of an introduction to the whole ‘Horus Heresy’ saga and although I’m definitely intrigued to see how it all plays out I really can’t be bothered to read a few thousand more pages of similar stories just for that reason (the whole book built up to an ending that was really just starting to dip it’s toes into the dark and gruesome feud between the Imperium and Chaos). There’s no doubt it was a fun, action packed read, and definitely better written that I’d expected, but if I ever do go back to a 40k book any time soon it probably won’t be the next in the Heresy series. Overall though a decent 3*.

EDIT: A couple hours after finishing the book I’ve just come to realise who some of the characters mentioned are. I knew Abaddon sounded familiar… Definitely makes the book tick a few more boxes. Not quite enough for a 4* though!


One thought on “Dan Abnett: Horus Rising – Review

  1. If you want some more lore-heavy 40k stuff, try the Eisenhorn series (if you haven’t already!) It follows a non-canon inquisitor (though he’s now been made canon) so the writer had a lot more leeway to sort of…not just dot the i’s in terms of the storyline. it’s got quite a few (if i remember rightly) philosophical detours about what it means to wield the power of an Inquistor, the nature of the Imperium, etc as well


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